Royal Mail Door to Door Leaflet Distribution

You may wonder why we talk about Royal Mail door-to-door on our website. Aren't they a competitor? 

Well, kind of...

In this blog, we share why we chose to use Royal Mail to do the delivery element of our service rather than employing our own team of flyer distributors. But, most importantly, we share why we believe it's better for your business.

Why We Do What We Do

We believe life's too short to lose it doing time-consuming business tasks. Our mission is to release you from the mundane so you can spend time on what's important to you.

We do this by creating software guaranteed to make your business-building activities simpler, faster and cheaper.

That's why our conclusion highlights what the Royal Mail doesn't do and how we bridge that gap to provide you with incredibly effective business-building leaflet distribution campaigns you can book in minutes. 

So, why the Royal Mail?


1 - Royal Mail Door to Door is Trustworthy

One of your biggest concerns about leaflet distribution might be, "How do I know they will actually distribute my flyers?"

With many independent companies using their own (often woefully underpaid) distributors, even with those offering GPS tracking, flyers are often reported as dumped. 

So, what's a more guaranteed option?

The Royal Mail deliver using their trusted postmen and postwomen, with your leaflets delivered alongside the post. This carries two benefits:

  1.  It is a criminal offence for a postie to dispose of the post, so they don't!

  2. People always look at their post, so they will look at your flyer too. 

Therefore, it is the most trusted solution, and you will receive a stronger response rate - a win-win!

2 - Royal Mail go Everywhere!

The Royal Mail is the only company in the UK to cover every UK address, even those hard-to-reach rural locations and millionaires' mansions with 2-mile long drives! As a result, we can target over 29 million addresses for your business.

If your company is not location-specific but demographic-specific, we have you covered, too.

For instance, say your product is what every fresher is desperate for - you can target student postcode sectors in every university town/city. It might be 6,458 in Leeds, 8,981 in Bristol and 7,092 in Edinburgh - for us, that's easy :)

The cost implications of providing a replica service using employed distributors would be crazy high! We would need to charge more than triple what we do, and even then, trying to convince someone to walk along a 2-mile-long drive to distribute a flyer is not an easy conversation! So, using the logistical power of the Royal Mail is a no-brainer for us.

3 - No Competition, Guaranteed

Another great benefit is the non-compete stipulation, where no competing business can be distributed alongside your flyer. 

You will probably have noticed on our ordering platform, we ask which industry best represents your business (with an extensive dropdown list). This is so we don't book you in with a competing company. 

If some of the dates and postcode sectors you choose do clash with a competitor, we will be sure to let you know and look to book for the following week.

Why does the Royal Mail Work With Us?

Royal Mail relies upon a small number of trusted partners to provide the full door drop service for businesses. They then carry out the final element, the actual flyer delivery. 

They don't provide demographic targeting so you can reach the right people. They don't have in-house graphic design services so that you can send the right message. They don't offer print and fulfilment so you can get your flyers to them. 

Of course, we do all the above, and you can book it all online in minutes using our online ordering platform.

Next Step

If you want to create a leaflet distribution campaign that will bring your business a consistent flow of new leads, you can book with us today. It takes just a few minutes. So try it today, and book online