Map Targeting Tool to Reach the Right People

Wouldn't it be great if there was some nifty software that could show you where your ideal customers live?

This blog shows how we have created something that does exactly that for you!

But first, why is targeting so essential to creating a leaflet distribution campaign?

Well, let's look at the formula:

The formula for success with leaflet distributions is to send the right message (design and print) to the right people (targeting) consistently (multi-stage campaigns). 

To transform the effectiveness of your door-to-door campaign, find the people who will love to buy from you.

But how?

Picture your perfect customer. Do they live nearby? How old are they? How much do they earn? What sort of home do they have? Are they rural or city dwellers?

With all these answers in mind, use our online map targeting tool to help find your perfect customers. 

You can select based on location (such as a radius from your showroom postcode), age, affluence and property type.

Using our traffic light system, a map shows where most of your perfect customers live. 

You simply select the green areas (and amber, too, if you like). Then, the total number of addresses will magically appear at the bottom of your screen, along with the cost.

With data-driven targeting, leaflet distribution takes your business to the people who are interested in what you do and are most likely to respond.


What are the specific targeting options? For example, what do we consider 'early life' or 'high affluence'? 

Good question!

Here's a little breakdown for you:


These are pretty straightforward; hopefully, you agree with what we deem early, mid and later!

- Early life: 18-39

- Mid-life: 40-59

- Later life: 60-90+


Affluence is based on the demographic affluence bands, A-H.

- High: A - elite high net worth, B - sub-high net worth and C - established wealth.

- Medium: D - Higher medium affluence and E - lower medium affluence.

- Low: F - economic transition, G - constrained hard-pressed, and H - precarious hardship.

Property type

Again, these are pretty self-explanatory:

- House: This includes detached, semi-detached and terrace, along with all kinds of bungalows.

- Flat: These are all flats and apartments. Sometimes, flats are not wanted (as you supply conservatories!), so you can target these, but then avoid all areas showing in green.

- Urban: These are inner city and close to the city/town centre. High-density areas.

- Rural: These are suburbs and the countryside. Low-density areas.

There we have it. A full breakdown of our targeting classifications and how to use our targeting tool to reach the right people.

Why not give it a go? Book your targeted leaflet distribution campaign online today.

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