Leaflet Designs to inspire prompt action

How can you create your leaflet design to inspire your receivers to act immediately? 

What subtle changes make all the difference?

This blog delves into three fundamentals of creating compelling artwork that helps boost your leafet distribution campaigns and generate a consistent ROI. 

Here's how we break it down for you:

  1. Leaflet design for door drops is different to all other leaflet design 

  2. Design specifically for your ideal client

  3. Always include three keys: Headline, Image, Action

1 - Leaflet design for door drops differs from all other leaflet design 

A big mistake we often see with flyer designs is that they are generic rather than specific. They are designed to be sat on a countertop, handed out at a conference, and sent as a door drop.

Don't do this!

A key difference to remember is that a generic design is usually informational, whereas a door-to-door leaflet must be actionable.

Think of Pareto's law - the 80/20 principle. A great flyer design should be 80% action and 20% information.

Information isn't compelling, takes up too much space, and doesn't encourage someone to find out more. So don't have much.

2 - Design specifically for your ideal client

If you've been on our online booking platform, prior to design, you have a section to reach the right people

The purpose of doing the targeting element first is to set the foundation for the entire campaign. Who your ideal client is, is who you need to design for.

But won't this isolate other people?

Absolutely! But your focus must be a design that resonates so strongly with those people you know will love your business and want to buy from you.

3 - Always include three keys: Headline, Image, Action

The structure of a flyer design must always include three keys:

  1. A bold headline. 

The headline is likely the first thing your receiver notices. Not only must it be bold in design, but in its message too! These often work best as a question relevant to your audience, with a sub-headline positioning your business as their solution.

For example, if you're an estate agent, don't have a headline 'We Sell Houses' - we know that, so what! Instead, a headline saying, 'Is Now The Time to Move to Your Dream Home?' followed by, 'We're here to bring your dream to life'. You make it aspirational, revealing the benefit of your service, not the service itself. 

  1. An eye-catching image.

If people miss your headline, they can't miss your image! Remember, it must resonate with your receiver. Avoid pictures of yourself or your premises; it likely isn't relevant. Instead, have an image of what your product/service can do for them. 

For example, if you sell big TVs, don't have a picture of TVs in your showroom; instead, have an image of a happy family sitting cuddling on the sofa in a tastefully decorated living room, engaged in a great film. 

  1. A call to action.

A call to action (CTA) is what you want the receiver to do. If you don't ask/encourage them to do something, they won't! Sometimes these are a discount/offer, but they don't need to be. Do what is appropriate to your business. Alternatives to discounts are:

  • Call requests (to call regarding the benefit of your bold headline).

  • Visiting a website (door drops can be cheaper than PPC for increasing website traffic), often with a QR code.

  • Receiving a gift.

For example, if you work at a car showroom and are trying to increase the number of test drives (as they convert to sales), give people a gift for taking a no-obligation test drive rather than offering a discount on specific cars. The gift should be perfect for your ideal client - if your target audience is older middle-class people, a £10 M&S voucher works a treat! 

In Conclusion

Remember, with marketing in general, and with leaflet designs for leaflet drop marketing, design to benefit your receiver. The formula for success with leaflet distributions is to send the right message (design and print) to the right people (targeting) consistently (multi-stage campaigns). 

We are here for you if you would like help with your artwork. Our graphic designers are experts at designing flyers that inspire prompt action. So, choose 'design, print, and distribution' while booking your distribution campaign with us.