Door Drops are Often Cheaper than PPC

PPC or Pay Per Click is a great way to generate website traffic for your business. You may even be reading this as a result of our PPC! 

But it's certainly not the only way...and it's not always the cheapest way either.

How Pay Per Click Works VS Door Drops

With PPC, you pay per click - obviously! In the same way with door drops, you pay per delivered leaflet. However, there's one monumental difference - the variance in cost.

With PPC, some clicks may cost you just 2p; others may cost you £20! Why? Competition. 

Google ranks keywords or phrases based on how many people search them and how many other businesses want to appear for them.

Is leaflet distribution the same?

No! We don't rank letterboxes. We charge the same for every letterbox. 

If we use familiar PPC terminology, the CAC (customer acquisition cost) may work out cheaper for you using PPC if Google considers your keywords to be low competition.

However, if Google doesn't rate them highly, there are often not many people searching, and you may not have anyone click on your ads.

Conversely, your CAC will likely be much higher using PPC over door drops if you have highly competitive keywords. 

Which is Better - PPC or Door to Door?

They are both excellent - it's more a case of which is most appropriate for your business. And the likelihood is, using both is the best approach.

Firstly, you need to do some analysis. 

Though the CPC (cost per click) may be high, your CAC may be low. That's because you've developed an awesome advert which sends people to a compelling landing page - creating a solid CCR (customer conversion rate). 

There's still variance in door to door, not in terms of cost to deliver, but in what you send. But, again, if you're savvy, you can test this too. For example, the type of leaflet design you choose and how you print that massively impacts your CCR.

Once you've analysed a period of at least three months (using the drip effect marketing strategy), you can ascertain which is best for your business.

Presuming they both help build your business, you may as well use them both. Right?

But how?

Target the same locations. With flyer distribution, you target your audience is based on postcode sectors (such as HD6 1). You can do the same with PPC. Therefore, match up the location and timing.

Multiple touchpoints are proven to resonate at a deeper level with the receiver. That's what you want. They are then more likely to respond.

In Summary

It's definitely worth spending the time analysing the CAC for both PPC and door drops. Then, team them up. People who see you online and on their doorsteps are much more likely to respond.